A fantstic achievement, for Waterco

International swimming pool and water treatment specialist Waterco Ltd has been granted the European patent for its multi award-winning MultiCyclone system. The revolutionary centrifugal pre-filtration system has also been submitted for a worldwide patent which encompasses the United States, Australia and China.

Managing Director of Waterco Europe, Tony Fisher, calls the granting of the patent “a fantastic achievement.”

“Since its launch four years ago, the MultiCyclone has continued to grow in popularity – and the types of industries which are using the system have continued to diversify,” Fisher says. “The MultiCyclone is now being used in both the domestic and commercial markets, and by swimming pool, water treatment and aquaculture industries.

“And with hotel and leisure chains being put under growing pressure by local government authorities to install environmentally-friendly products which help reduce running costs and conserve water, the commercial use of the MultiCyclone continues to grow in popularity.”

In addition to its water saving benefits, the MultiCyclone is popular for the fact that it reduces filter maintenance. “This is a system which works extremely well,” comments Tony. “It’s easy to install, with no moving parts or media to clean and replace – plus it’s virtually maintenance free.  In developing the unique MultiCyclone system, Waterco has set the bar high – and created a unique category.”

“That’s why the granting of the European patent is so important,” says Fisher. “It protects an innovation as unique as the MultiCyclone, which has such a broad range of uses. Nothing has been more revolutionary in the swimming pool filtration market since it was introduced.”

Over the past four years, Waterco has continued to innovate and invest in different versions of the MultiCyclone. In 2010 it released the MultiCyclone Plus and in 2011 the MultiCyclone Ultra, a compact all-in-one pre-filtration / filtration system which can be mounted on top of a pool pump.

Additionally, high pressure-rated units have been developed for the water treatment market, and a large commercial-sized MultiCyclone is being developed for commercial swimming pools.

“We won’t be resting on our laurels, and will continue to evolve the MultiCyclone to suit the myriad markets which are using this ground-breaking system,” Fisher adds.