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About us

Waterco commenced business in 1981 as a distributor of PVC pipes and fittings for swimming pools and spas. Since then, through a series of acquisitions, that included the U.K filtration manufacturer Lacron Limited in 2003, as well as internal growth, the company has expanded into manufacturing of a comprehensive range of products for the swimming pool, water treatment, aquaculture and other water related industries.

Within Europe the acquisition of Lacron provided Waterco with the best possible logistical platform from which to launch in to Europe, not at least thanks to the excellent reputation associated with the Lacron brand name for the past 30 years. In turn Waterco brings with it a vast and diverse range of innovative pool and spa product lines and are committed to the promotion of quality products, know-how and a sincere desire to build strong and lasting business relationships with our distributors.

Waterco is dedicated to the manufacturing of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Our Mission Statement

To be a proactive company with a strong international presence in the water treatment and related industries. To provide outstanding customer service and technological support for its growing product range in the world.

  • > 2013

    Hydroxypure_logo_v6Waterco has launched its new Hydroxypure system, one of the most powerful sanitisation systems on the market. Hydroxypure is Waterco’s new chlorine-free pool system, and it’s designed as a standalone product for both new and existing swimming pools.
  • > 2012

    Poppits logo [CMYK]Waterco’s acquisition of Pool and Spa Poppits reflects the growing demand for healthier water treatment products, especially by those who suffer from respiratory diseases and skin ailments. Approved by the Sensitive Choice® program of the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma Foundation NZ, Pool and Spa Poppits offers a viable alternative to traditional chlorine and bromine chemical solutions. No other system has been endorsed in either country.
  • > 2012

    Waterco Canada logo (French)Waterco France was set up in 2012 and located in Lyon as a platform into the French and Southern European markets.
  • > 2011

    Waterco introduced the EnviroPro range – to make it easier for pool owners to save precious water and energy and also reduce pool maintenance. An holistic solution, the EnviroPro range consists of a select number of Waterco’s high quality, energy efficient and award-winning water saving products, from the latest energy efficient pool pump, centrifugal pre-filters and water saving cartridge and media filters, to the most up to date LED lights, solar pool heaters, heat pumps and robotic pool cleaners. Whilst highly efficient in their own right, these products combined and operated in the correct way enable pool owners to reach the highest levels of sustainability.
  • > 2007

    Multi Cyclone logo_NEWThe MultiCyclone, a new Australian-designed and patented swimming pool filtration device, was awarded the 2007 Piscina Barcelona Sustainability Award at the prestigious International Swimming Pool Exhibition, Piscina BCN.
  • > 2006

    WFE 2In July 2006, Waterco has built two new manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China,to meet escalating demands from Europe and the USA,. The Malaysian manufacturing plant measures 18,000 square metres and the Chinese manufacturing plant measures 12,000 square meters. Both facilities have been built with the provision for future expansion in warehousing and manufacturing equipment.
  • > 2005

    Focus tempWaterco acquired the business assets of Focus Temp, a Canadian based manufacturer of high energy-efficient swimming pool heat pumps. This business came with a dominant market share in Canada, and a growing presence in both the United States and international markets.
  • > 2005

    Baker Hydro logo_Pantone 2738CWaterco acquired Baker Hydro, Augusta, Georgia business assets. Baker Hydro has more than 50 years experience in filtration and water treatment, and has a strong international presence.
  • > 2003

    Lacron logoIn April 2003 Waterco acquired Lacron Limited, Britain’s largest and most progressive manufacturer of pressure sand filters. Lacron’s acquisition is part of Waterco’s strategic manoeuvre into the European market.
  • > 2002

    TUVTUV Rheinland Certificates were awarded after assessing Waterco’s pumps. TUV Rheinland is an authorised testing organisation respected worldwide for its strict evaluation criteria and high technical standards.
  • > 2000

    In September 2000 Waterco acquired the Watercare Division of Asia Pacific Chemicals Limited. Waterco’s Chemical division is Australia’s largest supplier of dry chlorine.
  • > 1989

    Waterco is floated on the Australian Stock Exchange, by November 2000 Waterco Limited is listed 69th on the Deloitte Fast 100 Growth Index for 2000.
  • > 1986

    zaneAcquired Zane Solar Systems Australia Pty which consists of a 35 strong dealer network throughout Australia. Our trained dealers install solar pool heating systems using Zane’s award winning solar absorbers.
  • > 1983

    Swimart AUS - OrangeCommenced business as Swimart which is Australia and New Zealand’s largest chain of pool and spa stores with 60 retail stores.