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Waterco’s Trimline Bag Filter designed for efficiency and effectiveness

With future trends in water treatment indicating the growing need for new and more energy efficient processes, many operators are seeking solutions to optimise the process.

Waterco’s Trimline Bag Filter has been designed to help address these needs. It offers an economical and user friendly alternative to many liquid filtration applications, and it provides favourable operating cost benefits.

“We have developed this filter to specifically suit the specific needs of water treatment operations,” says Victor Quijada. “It has a higher pressure rating of 6 bar, enabling it to withstand up to 600kPa (87 psi).”

The Trimline Bag Filter is particularly useful for the filtration of high viscosity liquids and liquids with a high level of particulate concentration. The design also makes them ideal as a coarse pre-filter / leaf trapper.

“To ensure we meet the varying requirements of facilities, we employed a one piece mould construction, making the housing of the Trimline Bag Filter out of high impact polypropylene, ensuring it is compatible with a wide range of fluids. In addition, its ergonomic screw down lid is designed for simple hand operation, allowing for a quick filter changeover,” Quijada says.

The filter bags are also disposable, and depending on the intended application, there are different micron rated bags.

Trimline bag filters have been utilised in a vast array of applications from cooling water, aquaculture, koi ponds and water recycling to commercial water filtration.


Waterco launches Hydroxzone Ozonator

Ozone and hydroxyl radicals combine to produce powerful sanitiser

Waterco has launched its new Hydroxzone Ozonator, one of the most powerful sanitisation systems on the market. The Hydroxzone is one of the key components of Waterco’s new Hydroxypure chlorine-free pool system, and it’s designed as a standalone product for both new and existing swimming pools.

“The Hydroxzone Ozonator uses hybrid patented technology to produce not only ozone but also hydroxyl radicals, which, combined, add another level of effectiveness in terms of oxidation and sanitation,” says Victor Quijada, Waterco’s water treatment product manager.

Waterco’s Hydroxzone system uses a modified VUV (high intensity ultraviolet light) ozone tube as a corona electrode to simulate nature (hybrid ozone acts like the sun). The result is an ozone generator that produces ozone using corona discharge technology and high energy light in one system.

“The combination also catalyses Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) and, as a result, hydroxyl radicals are generated,” Quijada explains. “Put simply, hydroxyl radicals are typically formed when UV rays break up ozone and water droplets and then recombine. Scientists have dubbed hydroxyl radicals as the ‘detergent of the atmosphere.’”

The main benefit of the system is an additional ‘layer’ of sanitisation, Quijada says.

“Ozone, which is found in nature, kills microorganisms, destroys organics and breaks down chloramines by oxidation. It’s highly effective in reducing and destroying chloramines in the water

“In addition, ozone provides micro-flocculation to aid filtration and noticeably improve water clarity. It also destroys biofilm and reduces the amount of chlorine consumption while maintaining Free Available Chlorine (FAC) residual.”

Wateco’s Hydroxzone Ozonator can be used in pools with manual or automatic chlorine dosing and also with salt chlorinators.

“The ozone will contribute to the sanitisation process by reducing the chlorine demand,” Quijada explains. “In some states – e.g. South Australia – pool owners ask for installation of an ozonator to run their pool at lower chlorine levels, with the peace of mind that their pool is safe.”

There are a number of key benefits of the Hydroxone system:

  • It produces pure ozone (there are no toxic nitrous compounds as found in standard corona discharge ozone generators)
  • Output is constant and not negatively affected by temperature or humidity as with standard corona discharge technology
  • It produces hydroxyl radical, one of the most powerful oxidisers found in nature
  • There are no moving parts, which makes maintenance easy
  • It’s easy to install and comes with a bypass kit
  • Can be used on new pools or easily retrofitted to existing pools

The Hydroxzone uses a Dynamic Venturi Injector, whereby the pool water is mixed with the ozone/air mix at the throat of the injector through a narrow annular orifice, thus creating very small bubbles. This method of delivery allows the bubbles to be sustained in the water, maximising the efficiency of the ozone mass transfer.

Key features of the Dynamic Venturi Injector include:

  • ASME injector flow configuration to minimise pressure drop
  • Built in restriction at the orifice to increase the injection velocity and maintain constant frothing ratio
  • Adjustable 360°annular injection orifice
  • Dual injector point
  • Internal premixes cavity for dual ports
  • Rugged construction

Typical installation of the Hydroxzone Ozonator


About Waterco Ltd –

Established in 1981 and listed on the ASX in 1989, Waterco (ASX:WAT) manufactures and distributes a diverse range of products for the international swimming pool and water treatment markets. Waterco is also the franchisor of Swimart, Australia and New Zealand’s largest network of pool and spa retail outlets, and is also the distributor of Zane Pool Heating solutions via a network of Australian dealerships.

Waterco delivers high quality, innovative products at exceptional value in over 40 countries. This includes a comprehensive range of swimming pool & spa equipment and chemicals as well as domestic and industrial water treatment equipment. The company’s head office is in Sydney, Australia with international offices, manufacturing plants and warehouses located in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, US, Canada, France and the UK.

For further information:

Lisa Llewellyn

Llewellyn Communications

t: (02) 9970 5312

m: 0419 401 362



MultiCyclone Pro

MultiCyclone continues to set the bar high

New MultiCyclone PRO created for commercial installations

Since its launch in 2008, Waterco’s MultiCyclone pre-filtration device has won numerous awards and been used in myriad commercial and domestic installations around the world. But Waterco hasn’t rested on its laurels; it has continued to further develop the MultiCyclone to suit different applications and industries.

One of the latest iterations is the MultiCyclone PRO, designed specifically for commercial applications which require higher pressure rating, such as the water treatment sector.

“We’re constantly undertaking research and development of the MultiCyclone to suit different sectors and uses – both commercial and domestic,” says Victor Quijada. “These include car wash facilities, cooling towers, aquaculture, commercial/industrial water reclamation, filtration and water recycling.

“The MultiCyclone Pro has been created with to cater for a large range of pressure requirements. It has an outstanding pressure rating of 690kPa (100 PSI).”

The MultiCyclone PRO features 16 multiple hydro cyclones and 50mm/2” quick fit unions. It operates by using centrifugal filtration – i.e. incoming water enters the hydro cyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect. The process draws the unfiltered water into its spinning chamber, which sends sediment to the wall, leaving clean water in the centre. The filtered water then migrates towards the centre of the hydro cyclone, where the flow reverses and spirals upwards through the outlet.

“One of the key principles is to help save water and minimise filter maintenance,” says Quijada. “It works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration and can cut 80 per cent of the dirt that clogs a filter. Plus it potentially eliminates filter media backwash by up to 40 per cent, which extends the life of a media filter. The added benefits are that there are no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace.”

Designed for both new and existing installations, the MultiCyclone Pro is also UV and corrosion proof. It’s manufactured from glass filled reinforced thermoplastic, with a clear poly carbonate sediment chamber, which enables the accumulation of sediment to be visibly monitored. Other features include a lock ring and a 25mm/1” sediment purge valve.

Another major benefit of the system is that it’s easily cleaned by opening the purge valve. And only 15 litres of water is discharged to cleanse the MultiCyclone.

multicyclone pro logo



Hydrostorm ECO-V 150

Power and energy conservation combined

New Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 packs a punch

Swimming pool energy efficiency is now being factored into swimming pool installations – both new build and retrospective – and a key focus is on variable speed pumps.

In the US Department of Energy’s Measure Guideline: Replacing Single-Speed Pool Pumps with Variable Speed Pumps for Energy Savings, it explains that variable speed pumps are preferable to single speed pumps. “A variable-speed pool pump will allow the homeowner to achieve the ideal filtration flow rate with the least amount of energy consumption. [They] are noticeably quieter, require less maintenance, last longer and, through slower water filtration rates allow for better and more effective filtration of the pool water.”

Waterco’s next generation Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 pump has been designed with the needs of modern day swimming pools firmly in mind – and that translates into plenty of power.

It’s impossible to deny the benefits of variable speed technology – they provide the great opportunity for energy savings. In the case of the Hydrostorm ECO-V 150, it uses over 80 per cent less electricity than a regular pool pump.

What also stands out about this pump is its innovative variable speed, permanent magnet, brushless DC motor. It means the speed control ranges from 1000 to 2850 RPM, plus it offers the finest adjustment in operating speed.

“It gives you the ability to fine tune the pump’s motor speed with 25 RPM increments, allowing a perfect match to the flow requirements of the swimming pool, maximising energy savings and minimising pump noise,” says George Flory, Waterco’s domestic water care product manager.

The Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 can be set to three different pre-programmed speeds to achieve optimal performance:

  • High speed: gives the power needed for vacuuming and backwashing
  • Medium speed: perfect for suction pool cleaners
  • ECO speed: low energy saving speed for everyday filtration. This is the setting pool owners will use 99 percent of the time

“Operating a pump at a low flow rate both reduces water flow resistance in pool equipment and plumbing and also has the added benefit of improving a pool’s filtration efficiency, thus enhancing the clarity of the swimming pool water,” says George.

“And it can potentially operate at speeds lower than conventional multispeed pumps, further improving both energy savings and noise reduction.”

In addition, for those who want to operate their pool equipment automatically, there is an optional communications cable for connection to the Aquamaster pool controller.

And unlike single speed pumps, which in many areas can’t be used at night because of the noise levels, the Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 is one of the quietest pumps on the market, operating at just 55 decibels.

The Hydrostorm ECO-V is also weather proof, corrosion resistant and incorporates a motor protection bracket.This protection bracket fits between the pump wet end and the motor, allowing the draining of any water leaks due to long term usage wear of the main mechanical seal, thus protecting the pump motor from corrosion and eventual failure from a leaking mechanical seal.

Waterco_Hydrostorm ECO-V Pump


Waterco launches Electroheat MKIV 9kW

Compact – but doesn’t sacrifice performance

With greater take up of heat pumps as an efficient and cost effective pool heating solution, Waterco has expanded its Electroheat range. The newest model, the Electroheat MKIV 9kW, combines compactness and performance to effectively heat domestic pools and spas.

As with other models in the range, the Electroheat MKIV 9kW is a viable alternative to solar pool heating, particularly especially where roof space is limited or inaccessible.

“The Electroheat MKIV 9kW is compact, but it certainly packs a punch. It might be the smallest model within the Electroheat family, but it doesn’t sacrifice performance,” says Adam Shelley, Zane Solar & Heating Manager.

“So whether it’s a two-person spa, a swim spa, plunge pool or a domestic pool, this heat pump is an ideal heating solution.”

The Electroheat MKIV incorporates titanium heat exchanger technology, providing greater surface area for increased heat transfer performance. It also ensures total protection against erosion and corrosion.

Additionally, the Electroheat MKIV 9kW is built with ozone friendly R410A refrigerant gas, which is environmentally friendly and improves the heat pump’s performance.

Flexibility is another key feature of the Electroheat MKIV 9kWk, with a compact design to enable greater installation flexibility. Not only that, but this model heat pump has been designed with ease of use and maintenance firmly in mind. For example, the LED control panel features a continuous digital pool temperature display and incorporates a self diagnosis system. In the event of an issue, the control panel will display diagnostic error codes.

Key features of the Electroheat MKIV:

  • High density titanium heat exchanger: Provides greater surface area for increased heat transfer performance and has a longer life expectancy than standard copper heat exchangers. Titanium offers total protection against erosion and corrosion; it is resistant to chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, baquacil, bromine and salt water
  • R410A refrigerant gas
  • Temperature management and self diagnosis
  • Compact dimensions: 117cm (W) x 32cm (L) x 69cm (H)
  • Scroll compressor: The Electroheat MKIV is powered by a Scroll compressor, the quietest, most powerful, energy efficient compressor on the market.
  • Weather proof cabinet: The heat pump’s cabinet is constructed of heavy-duty UV-resistant ABS body panels that are highly resistant to rust, corrosion and deterioration.
  • Auto defrost control: Reduces frost on the evaporator
  • Auto pressure switch: Shuts down the system in the event of no water flow
  • High/low pressure refrigerant / auto reset: Shuts down the system in the event of high/low refrigerant pressure
  • Compressor protection via a time delay: Allows the refrigerant to equalise before the compressor starts/restarts.

Electro Heat

How Tough? ….. Exotuf!

The next generation of injection moulded sand filters. Constructed from high impact polypropylene, and with a pressure rating of 3.5bar, ensures that the Exotuf is manufactured to the highest quality and reliability ensuring years of trouble free operation. In fact Exotuf sand filters are so “tough” that they come complete with a 10 year full tank warranty! …. now that’s what we call peace of mind!

Exotuf logo Exotuf_frontview TM

A fantstic achievement, for Waterco

International swimming pool and water treatment specialist Waterco Ltd has been granted the European patent for its multi award-winning MultiCyclone system. The revolutionary centrifugal pre-filtration system has also been submitted for a worldwide patent which encompasses the United States, Australia and China.

Managing Director of Waterco Europe, Tony Fisher, calls the granting of the patent “a fantastic achievement.”

“Since its launch four years ago, the MultiCyclone has continued to grow in popularity – and the types of industries which are using the system have continued to diversify,” Fisher says. “The MultiCyclone is now being used in both the domestic and commercial markets, and by swimming pool, water treatment and aquaculture industries.

“And with hotel and leisure chains being put under growing pressure by local government authorities to install environmentally-friendly products which help reduce running costs and conserve water, the commercial use of the MultiCyclone continues to grow in popularity.”

In addition to its water saving benefits, the MultiCyclone is popular for the fact that it reduces filter maintenance. “This is a system which works extremely well,” comments Tony. “It’s easy to install, with no moving parts or media to clean and replace – plus it’s virtually maintenance free.  In developing the unique MultiCyclone system, Waterco has set the bar high – and created a unique category.”

“That’s why the granting of the European patent is so important,” says Fisher. “It protects an innovation as unique as the MultiCyclone, which has such a broad range of uses. Nothing has been more revolutionary in the swimming pool filtration market since it was introduced.”

Over the past four years, Waterco has continued to innovate and invest in different versions of the MultiCyclone. In 2010 it released the MultiCyclone Plus and in 2011 the MultiCyclone Ultra, a compact all-in-one pre-filtration / filtration system which can be mounted on top of a pool pump.

Additionally, high pressure-rated units have been developed for the water treatment market, and a large commercial-sized MultiCyclone is being developed for commercial swimming pools.

“We won’t be resting on our laurels, and will continue to evolve the MultiCyclone to suit the myriad markets which are using this ground-breaking system,” Fisher adds.