Hydrostorm ECO-V 150

Power and energy conservation combined

New Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 packs a punch

Swimming pool energy efficiency is now being factored into swimming pool installations – both new build and retrospective – and a key focus is on variable speed pumps.

In the US Department of Energy’s Measure Guideline: Replacing Single-Speed Pool Pumps with Variable Speed Pumps for Energy Savings, it explains that variable speed pumps are preferable to single speed pumps. “A variable-speed pool pump will allow the homeowner to achieve the ideal filtration flow rate with the least amount of energy consumption. [They] are noticeably quieter, require less maintenance, last longer and, through slower water filtration rates allow for better and more effective filtration of the pool water.”

Waterco’s next generation Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 pump has been designed with the needs of modern day swimming pools firmly in mind – and that translates into plenty of power.

It’s impossible to deny the benefits of variable speed technology – they provide the great opportunity for energy savings. In the case of the Hydrostorm ECO-V 150, it uses over 80 per cent less electricity than a regular pool pump.

What also stands out about this pump is its innovative variable speed, permanent magnet, brushless DC motor. It means the speed control ranges from 1000 to 2850 RPM, plus it offers the finest adjustment in operating speed.

“It gives you the ability to fine tune the pump’s motor speed with 25 RPM increments, allowing a perfect match to the flow requirements of the swimming pool, maximising energy savings and minimising pump noise,” says George Flory, Waterco’s domestic water care product manager.

The Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 can be set to three different pre-programmed speeds to achieve optimal performance:

  • High speed: gives the power needed for vacuuming and backwashing
  • Medium speed: perfect for suction pool cleaners
  • ECO speed: low energy saving speed for everyday filtration. This is the setting pool owners will use 99 percent of the time

“Operating a pump at a low flow rate both reduces water flow resistance in pool equipment and plumbing and also has the added benefit of improving a pool’s filtration efficiency, thus enhancing the clarity of the swimming pool water,” says George.

“And it can potentially operate at speeds lower than conventional multispeed pumps, further improving both energy savings and noise reduction.”

In addition, for those who want to operate their pool equipment automatically, there is an optional communications cable for connection to the Aquamaster pool controller.

And unlike single speed pumps, which in many areas can’t be used at night because of the noise levels, the Hydrostorm ECO-V 150 is one of the quietest pumps on the market, operating at just 55 decibels.

The Hydrostorm ECO-V is also weather proof, corrosion resistant and incorporates a motor protection bracket.This protection bracket fits between the pump wet end and the motor, allowing the draining of any water leaks due to long term usage wear of the main mechanical seal, thus protecting the pump motor from corrosion and eventual failure from a leaking mechanical seal.

Waterco_Hydrostorm ECO-V Pump