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Aquaculture & zoological

Aquarium Encounters (USA)

Aquarium Encounters (USA)

Unlike traditional aquariums that separate visitors and animals between panels of glass, Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters lets the public get a closer look at (and feel of) its diverse collection of fish, stingrays, and sharks, and even invites visitors into many of the tanks.

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birdworld farnham case study images

Birdworld Farnham

With 26 acres filled with exotic bird life, Birdworld Farnham is one of the largest bird parks in the UK. Although there are over 160 species of birds to be seen at the park, the most popular exhibit is Penguin beach, a display featuring a beach and pool with a boat and jetty. This enclosure is home to a colony of Humboldt penguins that visitors can feed twice a day.

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sea-lion enclosure case study image

Sea lion enclosure – Blackpool Zoo

At Blackpool Zoo, the sea lions have long been amongst the most popular and well visited group of animals. And in 2010, Britain’s biggest sea lion enclosure, an integral part of the Active Oceans section of the zoo, underwent a major transformation – receiving around £500,000 worth of refurbishments.

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reindeer pool case study image

Reindeer Pool Dubai

North Pole to Dubai
When thinking about reindeers, most people’s minds turn immediately to snow, freezing winds and the North Pole (and Santa and his sleigh).
The last place on earth one would expect to find a herd of reindeer is in a backyard in the middle of Dubai, which is home to over two million people and has a climate that can be described as ‘tropical desert’.

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mablethorpe seal-sanctuary case-study mage

Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and Nature Centre

Just 50 metres from the North Sea, on the East Coast of the United Kingdom, a small wildlife sanctuary is making a big difference to the lives of animals that might have otherwise perished.
Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and Nature Centre is a charity-run facility that is celebrating its 40th year of operation this year. Since its establishment in 1974, around 1000 seals have been rescued and rehabilitated in the onsite hospital.

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taronga zoo case-study image

Taronga Zoo Wetlands Exhibit

Australian-designed water filtration system maintains pristine Wetlands Exhibit. Waterco’s award-winning MultiCyclone also saves time, money and energy. Keepers of the Sydney-based Taronga Zoo’s Wetlands Exhibit – which holds over 450,000 litres of water in its ponds – were finding it hard to maintain water quality due to the mess and matter left behind by birds flying in from surrounding areas.

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wild fisheries case-study image

Wild Fisheries Program

Wild Fisheries research program the world’s most advanced, thanks to Waterco. The Wild Fisheries Program, a division within the NSW Department of Industry & Investment has received funding from the NSW Saltwater Recreational Fishing Trust to conduct a series of tests into fish barotrauma over the next 18 months.

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penguin beach case-study image

Penguin Beach, ZSL London Zoo

Waterco filter system significantly reduces ongoing maintenance at ZSL London Zoo’s penguin colony. It is revelling in its ‘new’ home in ZSL London Zoo, with the opening in early 2011 of Penguin Beach. And Waterco played a key part in the solution to keep the pool clean.

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oxygen cone case-study image

Oxygen Cone

Waterco has launched a specially designed oxygen cone created specifically for the rapidly growing aquaculture market. Waterco’s Oxygen Cone is designed to allow the oxygen levels in water to be managed more effectively for higher quantities of fish per volume of water.

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Healthy aquarium means happy animals

When the seal exhibit at Jenkinson Aquarium , New Jersey needed improvement and updating, they turned to Waterco to provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

MultiCylone filters, Waterco filters and Glass Pearl media were used to provide the best possible water quality and ensure the health and wellbeing of the animals.

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Maryland Zoo image -ducks

A combination of Waterco filters and media create a healthy ecosystem at aviary exhibit in Baltimore


A combination of Waterco Glas Pearls, Multicyclone filtration and SM1050 filters create a health ecosystem for native bird species at Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Waterco’s filtration solutions have made significant differences in the running of this bird exhibit, increasing the efficiency of the aviary and producing fantastic results for the zoo.

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wonjin fisheries image 1

 Waterco’s aquacultre solutions boost food security in South Korea


• Multicyclone’s superior filtration used widely in aquatic industries
• High-quality construction able to withstand the corrosive coastal
• Waterco’s reputation for quality, reliability and superiority embraced by Koreans

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