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Residential Pools

Cotswolds Case Study-HIRES

Cotswolds, UK

A natural swimming oasis in England’s iconic Cotswolds countryside. Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966, the Cotswolds covers 787 square miles (2,040 km2) across five counties and is the second largest protected landscape in England. It is famed for its rolling hills, stone built cottages, celebrity residents (Kate Moss, Kate Winslet and Liz Hurley, to name a few), and the Prince of Wales’ Highgrove Estate.

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Oxfordshire Natural Pool case study-rev3

Oxfordshire Natural Pool

A working farm and holiday let in the English countryside. Nestled in Oxfordshire in South East England is Hailey, a forest township surrounded by historic hamlets and scenic countryside. The name ‘Hailey’ means a clearing (in the forest of Wychwood) where hay was made.

Locals Kate and Ben Brown operate Turley Farm Barns, which includes two holiday lets and a traditional Cotswold stone barn beautifully restored as an entertainment venue. The 25 acre working farm is home to a variety of animals including sheep, cows, pigs, hens and horses and it is this bucolic setting that attracts holidaymakers from around the country.

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Baron at Bucknell

Baron at Bucknell

Surrounded by the rolling Shropshire Hills – the site of well-known landmarks including Long Mynd, Wenlock Edge, The Wrekin and the Clee – the Baron at Bucknell near Ludlow in England is a traditional free house country inn considered one of the region’s finest. Located roughly 10 minutes away from the small medieval Welsh town of Knighton, the popular pub and retreat is known for its traditional home cooked British cuisine, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and friendly attentive staff.

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Zhongxin Qianzhou case-study image

Zhongxin Qianzhou Bay

The Boao Citic-Qian Zhou Bay project in China’s Hainan province is a new residential community constructed in what is a popular coastal region. The development features 26 villas, each with different-sized swimming pools, in addition to a resort-style club with large lotus-shaped, 625m m² pool, which has a 1000 m³ volume.
Understandably, the project had significant equipment requirements for pumps, filters and heaters, which needed to be delivered and installed within a short period of time.

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Pools iN Schoolz case-study image

Pools iN Schoolz

A unique program in New Zealand is literally taking pools to schools – and Waterco Ltd is playing a vital role with the provision of its new Hydroxypure chlorine-free sanitisation system and other pool equipment.
The Pools iN SchoolZ program is run by the Adam Brown Water Safety Trust, and it aims to ensure lower-decile school children aren’t prevented from learning water safety and swimming skills by the lack of access to swimming pools.

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Robert Chan case-study image

Robert Chan

For most, a dip in a backyard swimming pool provides welcome relief from a hot and humid summer’s day; for Robert Chan, the prospect of an afternoon swim is not appealing at all. Robert is one of seven million Australians who suffer from eczema, a condition that causes ‘flare ups’ of red, dry, itchy and sometimes blistery skin, which can last for several days.

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Sheikh Palace case-study image

Sheikh’a Palace

Water has long been associated with luxury and leisure. It has also always been considered clean and pure – therefore it makes sense that a Dubai-based sheikh would request chlorine-free technology for his brand new pools and water features in his private palace.

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Accurate Group Pool

Hydroxypure provides ideal solution for Queensland builder’s own pool

The owner/operator of a group of companies providing commercial/industrial building works designed and built his own pool to a commercial size and needed a commercial size water treatment system to suit.

After careful consideration Waterco’s Hydroxypure commercial system was selected, a system that can be monitored remotely while delivering healthier outcomes for him and his family.

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IMG_4378 web version

Old meets new in Cambridgeshire village

Due to increased air pollution, pool owner Mrs Philips decided to refurbish and refit all equipment for her 50m³ in-ground pool.

Having seen for herself at a friend’s pool the results that could be obtained with Waterco’s Glass Pearl media Mrs Philips opted for a Waterco Micron filter and Lacronite pump in conjunction with the Glass Pearl media, and has never been happier with the water quality achieved.

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Hydroxypure is the answer for luxury installation in Buckinghamshire.

A high performance chlorine free system was required for a luxury indoor installation in a high end new-build home in England.  Hydroxypure presented the perfect solution for an indoor pool  being completely chlorine,  salt and odour free.

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Specialised solution for natural pool


Natural style living is growing in popularity, and the swimming pool industry is no exception to this trend.

Waterco were able to assist a UK company to cater for a client requiring a high -end natural pool for their home in Hampshire.

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natural pools NZ image

Natural pools – Waterco uses natural processes to keep bacteria at bay


As environmental sustainability becomes part of the global conversation, savvy pool designers and builders are responding to the growing demand from customers to come up with eco-friendly solutions in a market previously dominated by chemical process.

Waterco have a number of solutions for the growing natural pool market, please click on more information to read about some examples of these.

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