Penguins get a new home

The London Zoo penguins finally have their new home up and running and open to the public.  The brand new ‘Penguin Beach’ enclosure is the permanent replacement for the 1934 Art Deco Lubetkin Penguin Pool.  The famous spiral ramped design still remains and has now become a listed building which is to be used as a fountain during the summer months.

The new enclosure has been designed with the intention of creating a more natural environment for the penguin colony based on their southern hemisphere habitats as well as incorporating huge under water viewing facilities which of course require the water to be crystal clear.  In order to achieve this a plant installation using several Waterco products was chosen.

To deal with the 100,000 gallons of water within the 13,000 sq ft pool six Micron SMD 1600 filters are used in conjunction with Waterco Hydrostar pumps, Waterco Multi-Port Valves, MultiCyclone pre-filters and Hydro 5000 commercial strainers; the result, crystal clear water enabling the visitors to see the impressive penguin colony in all its glory in and out of the water.