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Pool water treatment

Hydrochlor MK3 Mineral Chlorinator

Waterco’s new, energy efficient Hydrochlor chlorinates your pool, making it healthy, crystal clear, and ready to swim in year-round. In fact, a Mineral / salt water chlorinated pool requires considerably less attention than a standard chlorinated pool.

Hydrochlor can work with a standard salt pool, but our engineers didn’t stop there. They specially designed it to work in synergy with Waterco’s Mineral Crystals to transform your pool in a therapeutic oasis.

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Energy Saving

Hydrochlor uses the latest Switch Mode Power Technology to increase energy efficiency by over 50%, significantly reducing power consumption. Hydrochlor draws less current and this translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, without compromising chlorine output.


Hydrochlor’s Power Pack intelligently recognises the size of the connected chlorinator cell and automatically adjusts its power output to suit.

Salt Level Protection

An alarm indicates when salt levels in the pool water too high or too low. If the pool is running beyond the maximum recommended salt level, the chlorinator will limit its output to protect the chlorinator cell.

Easy-to-use Timer With Battery Backup

Hydrochlor includes an in-built easy to use timer equipped with battery backup, which will maintain settings for up to 150 hours.

Automated Self-Cleaning

Hydrochlor’s self-cleaning chlorinator cell has the added ability to reverse its polarity and automatically clean calcium build-up off its electrodes.

No Flow Detection

If no water flow is detected in the chlorinator cell, Hydrochlor automatically switches off the chlorine production to protect the chlorinator cell, and activates the No Flow LED indicator.


Mineral Crystals – high purity magnesium salt

The effectiveness of bathing in magnesium has been documented in the health and wellness industry for decades – and exemplified by the Dead Sea – and now swimmers can experience the same skin soothing properties with Waterco’s new Mineral Crystals.
Working alongside existing water balancing chemicals, this high quality, fast dissolving product not only improves pool water with a blend of
naturally occurring minerals but also moisturises your skin as you swim.

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Waterco’s Mineral Crystals:

  • A fast dissolving formula that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  •  Soothes common skin ailments such as dermatitis, eczema andpsoriasis
  • Transforms your swimming pool into a therapeutic oasis
  • Gentle formulation that has little to no taste
  •  Can be used in any type of pool (not necessarily requiring a saltwater chlorinator)

The benefits of bathing in magnesium enriched water Magnesium has been recognised by medical professionals and consumers all over the world for its ability to alleviate a variety of ailments relating to the skin, muscles and nervous system.

A large body of mainly anecdotal evidence has shown that magnesium salts, the main mineral in the Dead Sea and naturally occurring in the human body, markedly improves skin hydration, soothes common skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, and provides   temporary relief from muscular inflammation and fatigue.

Research undertaken by a number of medical establishments, including Germany’s University of Kiel’s Department of Dermatology¹,  attributes the Dead Sea’s skin soothing and strengthening properties to its high magnesium salt content:

Skin roughness and redness of the skin as a marker for inflammation were significantly reduced after bathing in the salt solution. This  demonstrates that bathing in the salt solution was well tolerated, improved skin barrier function, enhanced stratum corneum hydration,
and reduced skin roughness and inflammation.

We suggest that the favorable effects of bathing in the Dead Sea salt solution are most likely related to the high magnesium content.
Magnesium salts are known to bind water, influence epidermal proliferation and differentiation, and enhance permeability barrier repair.

Improved water clarity 
This miracle mineral is also known for its mild flocking abilities, which helps to filter out particularly fine material such as dust and dirt. This reduces the need for additional chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides, delivering pool owners further cost savings.


Hydrochlor Salt Chlorinator

The Hydrochlor will automatically maintain the chlorine level of your pool and eliminate problems associated with periods of very high or low chlorine levels. Fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels mean fewer fluctuations in pH levels. This adds up to more stable, balanced water.

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Consistently maintained sanitizer levels in the pool water will prevent the growth of all common algae. A salt-water chlorinated pool requires much less attention than a chlorine pool. A salt water pool provides a more comfortable swimming environment. Salt water feels better and is less irritating to the body than standard chlorinated water.

Features include: Ezy Timer, Energy Saving Winter Mode, Precision Chlorine Production, Super Chlorination Function, Self Cleaning, Electrolytic Cell and Battery Back Up.



By simplifying technology associated with the advanced treatment of drinking water, Waterco has successfully applied it to the treatment of swimming pool water.

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The end result is a chlorine free swimming pool, fully enriched with oxygen. This is fantastic news for those looking for a healthy alternative to chlorine. With no odours or taste, it’s soft and gentle to the skin and no shower is needed after swimming.

Endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia and approved by its Sensitive Choice® program, Hydroxypure is the most advanced breakthrough in swimming pool and spa sanitisation.

Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly recognises products and services that support asthma and allergy care.

Hydroxypure sanitisation is based on the Advance Oxidation Process. (AOP), which combines Perox, a chlorine free sanitiser (H2O2) and hybrid ozone (O3) to enhance the sanitisation process.

Hydroxypure = H2O2 + O3

The Advance Oxidation Process has the superior ability to remove bacterial threats more effectively than any other oxidisation process currently available on the market.

The use of ozone and Perox in harmony increases active oxygen levels in the water. This synergy ensures the safety of your water environment without creating harmful chemical by-products.

The end result is a swimming pool that’s totally chlorine free and enriched with oxygen.