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Purification systems


CC25 Slimline Cartridge Filters

The Slimline takes up a mere 250cm² of valuable floor space. Not only is it smart on design, the lock ring lid makes cartridge removal and replacement so easy. No additional tools are required.

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The filter body is contrasted from polypropylene which is both corrosion proof and lightweight, the filter base is stable and easy to install and the filter comes complete with air release valve and pressure gauge for easy maintenance.

The cartridge is constructed of long-lasting and reusable polyester fabric, using multiple pleats to provide 2.3m of surface area and a maximum dirt holding to reduce cleaning frequency.

Rated to a working pressure of 4 bar/400kPa/58psi and a maximum temperature of 40°C.

Slimline catridge filter


Micron W & Micron WD Filters

Strength and Durability: Micron W and WD filter’s innovative design and superior construction techniques provide it the strength to cope with working pressures up to 6bar/600kPa/87psi.

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Refined Filament Winding Waterco’s advanced filament winding machine winds continuous strands of fibreglass onto the filter’s inner tank to strengthen the filter so that it is able to withstand high water pressures as well as fluctuating water pressures.

W300 Autovalve 4.1.1


Stoneware and Clearware Purifiers

Constructed from porcelain and attractively glazed, the Stoneware Water Purifier comes in both 8L and 12L units. Its classic finish is designed to suit any décor.

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The Clearware is a lightweight acrylic construction available in a 6L version. Requiring no plumbing or electrical connections these products can all be used in the home, office or even outdoors.

WATERCO Gravity Purifiers are able to significantly remove: Bacteria and Cysts, (E.Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium), Suspended Solids (Dirt, Rust and Algae), Chlorine (Taste Problems), Hydrogen Sulphide (Odour Problems), Organic Pesticides (Lindane), Dissolved Metals (Lead, Iron).

Standard Ceramic Cartridge Dome Ceramic Cartridge
Waterco Ceramic Cartridges are made of micro-porous ceramic material, internally coated with an antibacterial treatment of Silver Nitrate. Within the Waterco Ceramic Cartridge is a Granular ctivated Carbon Core.

CZR Canister (optional)
The extra bed of activated carbon extends the replacement interval of the ceramic cartridge, in addition, the CZR electrochemically removes dissolved metals plus its bacteriostatic properties keep the water in the lower reservoir sanitised.

ceramic candle OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA czr cartridge Stoneware_cutaway


Trimline Bag Filter

Trimline Bag Filter

Waterco’s Trimline Bag Filter designed for efficiency and effectiveness

With future trends in water treatment indicating the growing need for new and more energy efficient processes, many operators are seeking solutions to optimise the process.

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Waterco’s Trimline Bag Filter has been designed to help address these needs. It offers an economical and user friendly alternative to many liquid filtration applications, and it provides favourable operating cost benefits. Developed to specifically suit the exacting needs of water treatment operations with a higher pressure rating of 6 bar/600kPa /87 psi.

The Trimline Bag Filter is particularly useful for the filtration of high viscosity liquids and liquids with a high level of particulate concentration. The design also makes them ideal as a coarse pre-filter / leaf trapper.

To meet the varying requirements of facilities, a one piece mould construction is used in making the housing of the Trimline Bag Filter out of high impact polypropylene, ensuring it is compatible with a wide range of fluids. In addition, its ergonomic screw down lid is designed for simple hand operation, allowing for a quick filter changeover.

The filter bags are also disposable, and depending on the intended application, there are different micron rated bags.

Trimline bag filters have been utilised in a vast array of applications from cooling water, aquaculture, koi ponds and water recycling to commercial water filtration.

TBF Filter Bag


Trimline Cartridge filter

Trimline Cartridge Filter

The TCF series housing has been designed as a versatile and heavy-duty unit for residential and commercial applications.

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The TCF series provides a compact and economical cartridge filtration system built with an easy to use lock ring for simple cartridge removal and replacement. Manufactured with a high impact polypropylene body and moulded glass filled polypropylene lid the Trimline Cartridge filter is highly durable and rated to 6 bar/600kPa/87psi. Comes complete with 1½” / 50mm quick connect unions for simple installation and pressure gauge and air release valve for ease of maintenance.

TCF granular media cartridge componants TCFcartridge