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MPV SM 3 inch

Waterco Multiport Valves

Constructed from heavy duty ABS and GFPP, Waterco Multiport valves are designed for high performance and working pressures.

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  • Durable lever action handle
  • High grade stainless steel components
  • 6 way multiple valve positions
  • Top and Side mount configurations
  • Available in 1.5 inch/50mm, 2 inch/63mm, 2.5inch/75mm, 3inch/90mm and 4inch/110mm port sizes
  • Rated at 4 Bar/58psi/400 kPa

Top Mount 3 inch

Multiport Valves


MPV 100mmMPV 65mm Top Mount 65mm


Flow Check Valve

Flowcheck Valve

Flow Check Valve has been designed to be simple to install, inspect and service.

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With a 304 grade stainless steel spring designed for minimal hydraulic losses and a stronger positive seal, it is ideal for both inlet and return lines.

  • Eliminate the loss of prime on the suction side of a pump.
  • Prevent the drain down of water towards pumps and filters.
  • Prevent water flow in an unwanted direction.
  • Available in 40mm and 50mm port sizes
  • Available in 180° and 90° configurations

Flow Check Valve 90 deg.


FlowVis valve

FlowVis® Flow Meter Valve

FlowVis® is a revolution in reliable flow measurement. It is the most advanced, affordable, and reliable precision flow meter designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains, and water features.

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The FlowVis is the ideal valve to install in conjunction with a variable/multi speed pumps. This will enable accurate pump operating speed adjustments to ensure sufficient water flows to the pools filtration and sanitising equipment.



3 ways 25-32 slip fit valve

FPI 2 and 3 Way Valves

FPI valves has been designed to be simple to install, inspect and service. Constructed from UPVC and ABS and equipped with 316 stainless steel components, FPI valves are built to last.

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Teflon™ seals for reliable sealing and smooth operation

  • Quick installation
  • UPVC and ABS construction
  • Available in 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 65mm port sizes
  • Available in 2 and 3 way configurations
  • 316 grade stainless steel components
  • Up to 600 kPa pressure rated


FPI Valve Actuator

FPI Valve actuator

Designed to operate 2-way and 3-way FPI valves to provide control for water features and pool/spa combinations.

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  • Adjustable cam rotates diverter valves to multiple degree settings
  • Retro-fits into all pool/spa control systems offered in the market
  • Designed to be mounted on FPI 50mm valves