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Why does sand get into my system/pool?

Check the laterals inside the filter for damage. Check the air bleed tube for cracks or splits.

How often should I change the sand in my filter?

Under normal operating conditions, residential filters need the sand changed every 4 – 5 years. In areas with high air contaminants such as dust, leaves or any condition that requires frequent backwashing, the sand may need to be changed every 2 – 3 years.

For filters used on other applications, see Filter Sand Service Information Leaflet in Download section.

How often should I backwash?

Under normal conditions, once every 2 weeks. The pressure gauge on your system indicated when backwashing is required. The more dirt trapped in the sand bed of the filter, the higher the pressure will become.

What should I do to close my pool down for winter?

We recommend you contact your local pool professional as the system will need to be drained of water in the event of freezing weather conditions.

What do the different positions mean on the multiport valve?

Filter – Water flows from the pump to the top of the filter, through the media, out the bottom of the filter and returns to the pool.

Backwash – Water flows from the pump to the bottom of the filter, up through the media, out the top of the filter and out the waste line.

Rinse – Water flows from the pump to the top of the filter, down through the media, out the bottom of the filter and out the waste line.

Waste – Water flows from the pump directly down the waste line.

Closed – All ports are closed – no water can flow.

Recirculate – Water flows from the pump directly back to the pool, bypassing the filter media.

Winter – Should only be used when the system has been winterized. Leaves all ports slightly open to enable air to vent from the system.

How much sand does my filter need?

Refer to the Filter Sand Service Information leaflet in Download section.

Why has the pressure increased on my system?

Your filter may need backwashing. If the pressure rises again shortly after backwashing, replace the sand.

Can I buy products or spare parts directly from you?

Only if you have a trade account with us. Our products are supplied to distributors who then supply local pool dealers. Please contact your local pool dealer who will be able to help.

What media should I use in my Waterco filter?

Waterco and Lacron filters normally use 16/30 grade silica sand. However there are also other options available.  Waterco now offer EcoPure recycled glass media and the new Waterco Glass Pearls media, both of which can offer significant environmental and economical savings.

For more information please click on the following link: Filter Media

You can also use Zeoplus media.

How do I remove the lid?

The lid is a screw thread fit and can become difficult to unscrew if it hasn’t been removed for a number of years. Refer to the Filter Sand Service Information leaflet in Download section.

My filter has just been installed and it's leaking. What shall I do?

Contact your contractor who fitted the filter or the dealer through which it was purchased.

Can I fit a MIDAS Multiport Valve with a Lacron pipe set?

No. Only Waterco or Praher valves will fit the supplied pipe set.

I have a Waterco pump, how do I connect it up to the mains electricity?

The connection details are underneath the connection box. All electrical connections must be made by a licensed/qualified electrician. Check with the regulatory authority in your country.

We're building a swimming pool in our back garden. What size filter do we need?

Please seek advice from a local pool professional.

We're a local authority that needs information on the Lacron Filters installed at the local swimming bath/school. Where can we obtain this?

Contact us using the form on Contact us page with the information you require.

I have just got a new clear 8" lid for my Lacron filter and it looks different. Will it fit?

Yes. The lid has been redesigned and is fitted on all new Lacron filters from 2003. It will directly replace the previous 4 fin 8″ clear Lacron lid. You cannot use the original 4 fin lid tool with the new lid.


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