Waterco’s Trimline Bag Filter designed for efficiency and effectiveness

With future trends in water treatment indicating the growing need for new and more energy efficient processes, many operators are seeking solutions to optimise the process.

Waterco’s Trimline Bag Filter has been designed to help address these needs. It offers an economical and user friendly alternative to many liquid filtration applications, and it provides favourable operating cost benefits.

“We have developed this filter to specifically suit the specific needs of water treatment operations,” says Victor Quijada. “It has a higher pressure rating of 6 bar, enabling it to withstand up to 600kPa (87 psi).”

The Trimline Bag Filter is particularly useful for the filtration of high viscosity liquids and liquids with a high level of particulate concentration. The design also makes them ideal as a coarse pre-filter / leaf trapper.

“To ensure we meet the varying requirements of facilities, we employed a one piece mould construction, making the housing of the Trimline Bag Filter out of high impact polypropylene, ensuring it is compatible with a wide range of fluids. In addition, its ergonomic screw down lid is designed for simple hand operation, allowing for a quick filter changeover,” Quijada says.

The filter bags are also disposable, and depending on the intended application, there are different micron rated bags.

Trimline bag filters have been utilised in a vast array of applications from cooling water, aquaculture, koi ponds and water recycling to commercial water filtration.