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Water purification

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Welcome to Waterco, the water specialists

Waterco is an Australian public listed company which has been established for over 30 years with a strong international presence in the water industry. Waterco is a public listed company trading on the Sydney stock exchange (stock code ASX:WAT) with a global presence and branches in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, China, United States, Canada and New Zealand. Waterco is a manufacturing company specialising in the production of fibreglass and injection moulded products for the swimming pool, spa and water treatment industries.

Waterco’s success has been driven by its pioneering fibreglass and plastic moulding techniques, as well as its efficient manufacturing processes, enabling the company to deliver high quality products at exceptional value.

Latest news

International swimming pool and water treatment specialist Waterco Ltd has been granted the European patent for its multi award-winning MultiCyclone system. The revolutionary centrifugal pre-filtration system has also been submitted for a worldwide patent which encompasses the United States, Australia and China…

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