EcoPure  Glass media

Waterco Glass media has the green credentials, and with its superior performance is also cost effective in comparison to sand.
Waterco Glass media has many benefits over sand:

• Waterco Glass media is more efficient.
It removes 30% more material and pollutants than sand, so saving on back-washing and the resultant
water, energy and chemical treatment costs
• Waterco Glass media keeps cleaner.
It is less susceptible to bio-fouling. As the product is heat treated surfaces are smooth, so requiring less remedial action and again less chemical
treatment to kill pollutants
• Waterco Glass media requires less material
It is less dense than sand, requiring 20% less media to fill the equivalent filter
• Waterco Glass media doesn’t degrade
It therefore has a longer life span
• Waterco Glass media
Is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications

Glass Pearls

How it works:
One of the newest filter media on the market, Glass Pearls offer a filtration level comparable to DE. Made from pure glass, the Glass Pearls filter out anything larger than 3 microns, giving you superior quality water.

Small effective size of only 0.6mm to 0.8mm. Its narrow particle size range allows very effective in-depth filtration
  • Spherical shape of beads means less friction levels inside the filter and therefore requiring only 20% of the water you would use to backwash a sand filter
  • Chemically inert, safe, smooth and high purity
  • Still requires back-washing occasionally
  • More costly than sand or Ecopure initially.




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