Britestream Surface Mounted LED

BriteLUX Diffuser Lens solves common LED lighting dilemma

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  • BriteStream Multicoloured LED light can produce myriad colours without the need for coloured lenses. In fact, there are nine different colour programs available.

  • • Energy saving – operates on 15% of the energy of a halogen

    • New BriteLUX diffuser lens

    • Long life LEDs

    • Universal adaptor plate

    • Multi-Voltage, enabling connection to 12, 24 or 32 volt systems.

  • Technical Specifications

    BriteLux Diffuser Lens

    Its diffuser lens radiates the entire light and boosts light transmission.

    Super Bright & Energy Saving

    Super bright energy saving LEDs, which operate on only 15 watts of energy, which is 15% of the electrical power of a halogen light.

    Long Life LEDs

    LEDs are long lasting, energy efficient light source.



    Built-in Heat Management

    The LED’s heat output is automatically managed by its electronic circuitry.

    Pool Cleaner Shield

    Improves the aesthetics of the installation and prevents the pool cleaner’s skirt from being trapped behind the light.

  • Retrofit Connectors (IP68)

    Easy to use Retrofit Connector, is supplied in two sizes, one that suits 6mm & less and another 6mm & plus power cable. Simply crimp both connections with the splice connectors, slide the cable sleeve over the connection and hand tighten the gland nuts.

Britestream White LED light offers:

• Super bright LEDs

• Energy saving - operates on 15% of the electrical power of a halogen light

• Universal adaptor plate

• Dual Voltage, enabling connection to 12 or 24 volt systems. 

Britestream Light can easily replace an existing halogen light as they can connected to 12 or 24 volt systems, slashing your pool light electrical power requirements by 85%. Britestream LED Replacement Kit is supplied with two Retrofit Connector (IP68) and an Universal ¼ turn twist-lock adaptor plate.

Universal 1/4 Turn Twist-Lock Adaptor Plate

Universal 1/4 Turn Twist-Lock Adaptor Plate is designed to adapt the Britestream to the following light fittings.

• AQ Aquaquip

• SE Spa Elecrric

• SW Swim World

• PR Pool Rite

• ST Stroud

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